Dante’s Inferno
Pencil on paper, 11x17”
Ink, freehand with brush
These drawings were sketches for tattoo designs illustrating cantos V-VII from Dante’s Inferno, concerned with carnal sins. Tattoos feature Minos and Cerberus. 

Top: Canto V – Two iterations of Minos–a contour study and the initial tonal design. The idea was an all-seeing, all-consuming force that swallowed the sinners entering Hell. The gaping mouth is as infinite as the punishments themselves.

Bottom: final ‘inked’ tattoo. Design was applied using acryllic ink and a brush.

Canto VI–The gluttonous. Above: designs of Cerberus, the three-headed beast that guards the gates of Hell for Hades. To create the head of the beast,  I combined the characteristics of the wolf (undomesticated dog) and monkey (primitive/primordial human).

Remaining sketches are exploratory designs of tattoos and characters. These designs were completed in my time at Rome, Florence, and Orvieto. There were numerous trips to museums, churches, and libraries, from the Angelica Library to the Bargello National Museum.