Creature Designs
Digital, 2023
Work-in-progress creature designs inspired by folklore, archetypes, and science fiction. Through these designs, I explore my love for animals and storytelling. My goal is to convey as much individuality on a physiological, narrative, and stylistic/aesthetic level.

In my design process, I look to historical and contemporary depictions of animals in sculpture and animation while making extensive studies of musculature, form and geometry.

Sci-fi creatures
Warrior Prince and Creature 2 are explorations on the synthesis of technology and organic form. The Beetle Brawler is a fun, quick foray into insect silhouettes, playing with hard surface and weaponry.

Mythological creatures 
Creatures inspired by narrative archetypes.

The Samsara Beast is a monster locked in a karmic cycle of death and rebirth. This is inspired by the idea that individual animals are microcosms of larger ecosystems and cycles of life. The Life Giver is an interpretation of the maternal archetype. I accentuated her natural physiology while drawing inspiration from Tang dynasty sculptures of court ladies for stylistic/narrative flourish. The Judge is an exploration of judgment and ego.

Loose sketches & studies