About & Contact 

He Yi (何熠) is an illustrator based in Toronto. She is a graduate of RISD illustration with a Concentration in Language Arts and Studies, focusing on film and literary analysis.

In her illustration work she is interested in publishing and concept art (character/environment) for films. In her private practice, she explores the connections between light and mark-making, creating a personal system of visual vocabulary and language that captures a transitory moment with the subject matter. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the world through drawing, reading, and watching films.

Past clients include Wieden+Kennedy, Christie’s, and award-winning directors. In 2021, He Yi was awarded the John Randall Orth Award for ‘unusual creativity and interest in freelance,’ and in 2020 received the Eisner Scholarship award in recognition of her comics.

If interested in collaborating, hiring, or just reaching out, please contact her at heyi.artist@gmail.com. Thank you!

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